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Current impact of {{currentTypeObject.churnType}} (Y1) ${{ formatPrice(roi.cost) }}

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Estimated savings by reducing {{currentTypeObject.churnType}} by {{(Math.round(currentTypeObject.churnPill*100))}}% (Y2) ${{ formatPrice(roi.saving) }}

Collecting experience data lowers your chance of {{currentTypeObject.churnType}} by {{(Math.round(currentTypeObject.churnPill*100))}}% on average. Feedier lets you deliver {{roi.volume}} highly targeted actions to:

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DISCLAIMER, this is an average value from Feedier customers in Year 1, ranging from 12% to 42% based on the industry, context, automation and of course actions taken.

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How is my ROI better with Feedier rather than competitors Medallia or Qualtrics?

Feedier is designed for operational teams and not data scientists or experience experts. You get the most intuitive experience platform full of innovative features, and for a far more flexible yearly investment. Feedier's team will be with you from implementation all the way to you reaching a successful ROI.